Autumn Requiem

by Mortual

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"Autumn Requiem" is the debut release of the metal band Mortual.

The concept album uses the language of symbols and music to tell the story of the young Poet, touching on the subjects such as rejection, tragic love, loss of innocence and faith. The music contained in the album is not easy to classify - it contains elements of progressive metal, gothic metal, melodic death metal, and even symphonic unblack metal. The artists themselves describe the majority of genres represented on the CD as "drama metal".

The album contains eight tracks that create a 69 minute long symphony.

The band was supported during the recording by five talented musicians: Marta Wolak, Paula Sidorczuk, Konrad Marecki, Izabella Zawadzka and Jakub Huchrak.
The graphics were created by: Agata Winiarska, Paula Sidorczuk and Patrycja Przychodna.


released March 17, 2014

Wojciech Michałowski - vocals & keys
Piotr Bocian - acoustic, electric & bass guitars
Cezary Michałkiewicz - electric guitars
Michał Żuk - drums & percussion

Directed and produced by Wojciech Michałowski
Additional production: Piotr Bocian

DTP & photos: Agata Winiarska
Artworks: Paula Sidorczuk & Patrycja Przychodna

Lyrics corrected by Natalia Fabiszak

Marta Wolak - lead female vocals in "Rainy Ballad" and "The Crucible: Prologue - Scene I: Temptation". Vocalization in "Autumn Requiem".

Paula Sidorczuk - lead female vocals in "The Crucible: Prologue - Scene III: Sabbath". Backing vocals in "Anhedonia", "My Apocalypse", "The Crucible: Prologue - Scene I: Temptation" & "Rainy Ballad".

Konrad Marecki - recitation in "Lethargy". Backing vocals in "Anhedonia" & "Rainy Ballad".

Izabella Zawadzka - backing vocals in "Anhedonia" & "The Crucible: Prologue - Scene I: Temptation".

Jakub Huchrak - bass in "Lisa's Memory" & "Anhedonia".

Additional vocals & instruments:
Piotr Bocian - recitation in "The Crucible: Prologue - Scene II: Confession" & "Autumn Requiem".

Michał Żuk - tambourine, drum, glasses, seashells in "Lullaby of the Damned", "The Crucible: Prologue - Scene III: Sabbath" & "Autumn Requiem".

© Mortual 2014. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Mortual Trzebnica, Poland

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Track Name: Lisa's Memory
Track Name: Anhedonia
Rip my intestines out
Boil and spread my brain
Crush my bones and will
And I will show no pain

Carve your curses onto my skin
I’m a sculpture of yours
I’m a statue, a fucking shell
Paint a smile on my face
Then throw me to hell

In silence I beg for death
In scream – for a purpose
But the eyes forever grey will tell you

No more laugh
From sewn-up mouth
No more song
In shade of white

Soul torn apart from flesh
All the painted masks are false
Tears born to become icicles

Someone nailed me to my bed to dream my lucid dream
Helpless monsters in my head
Beyond this veil of reality there’s her portrait I painted
With a blindfold on my eyes

My loss within me, hidden deep
I cannot find the way to leave
Snow once melted became an ocean

Snow once melted became an ocean
Winter forests sink into loneliness
Dead man lying over the parchment
Waiting for the breath of life to take
…to take him away
Track Name: My Apocalypse
Once upon a time
he sat down in the rain
and let his soul drown
He took a pen
and drawn on his stave
The rain falling slowly

Day becoming night under his feet
Gentle wind caressing her dress carefully
Memory of her he discovers
from the withered tones

Snow covering ashes
(Remains after awakening from a dream)
Passion dying down
in the old man's frozen heart
(Beating last time)
Fallen poet writes a song

Once upon a time
he sat down in the sunlight
and let his soul dry
Tears, they faded in largo
As he cried

Fallen poet writes a song
all the world begins once again
Track Name: The Crucible: Prologue
Scene I: Temptation

"Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live."
(Exodus 22:18)

Venom pours out of my lips
Drink it, weary boy, and quench your thirst
Touch my fatal wounds
Praise me
In this mortal form
I present to your eyes in me
The Goddess of Love

(Touch me
praise me
feel me)

I'll be always near
To release the Evil in Thee
To turn wine into water
Love into lust

Comfort me in the burning temple of your shoulders
Let me touch your nature even older than God

You'll be my servant and I'll give you eternal life taste

I'll be always near
To release the Evil in Thee
To turn wine into water
Love into lust

Scene II: Confession

He prayed to the Lord his entire life
but one night she sowed darkness into his heart
Lust in his root pulled him down to drown
For from this cup you cannot stop drinking
until sweet venom melt your mind
until it flows out through your empty eye-sockets

Oh Lord! I can’t take it anymore
Fills my mind
Swallows my soul
The flame in her dark eyes
Is my only salvation
I confess to you –
I love her more than
I love You


Scene III: Sabbath

Lover Witch
From now…
Without red lips guarding from the day
I die…
Without her face lit by the moon
Without breath of life taking you away
Without the hands closing your eyes
Left with my wings torn apart

Scene IV: Sin That Dwelleth In Me

"For we know that the law is spiritual: but I am carnal, sold under sin.
For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I."
(Romans 7:14-15)

"For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not.
For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do."
(Romans 7:18-19)
Track Name: Rainy Ballad
Walking alone on the sinking ground
She catches heavenly tears without a sound
Black dress - pure background for a rose in her hand
She'll throw it to the sea for there's no land

Pity her hands which in a lifetime
haven't known other hands; only the rose's thorns
Pity her sky with only dark heavy clouds
Heart able to forgive, unable to live

Take my hand, I’ll guide you through the sea
I’ll be your lighthouse, I’ll face your fear
Oh, how I wish to reach this eternal light
Dimmed by the world, so long ago

Still, I miss you, my eternal dream
I, little scorned rock under your bare feet
Trying to build a road to paradise
Heart able to forgive, unable to live

You were waiting, prince has not arrived
Beggars mourned under your feet, but you let them die
Haven't you heard that a princess has to kiss
the frog that will become the prince?

Maybe they'll meet each other in the rain
Pleasure is so shallow, only deadly pain
can tear a soul away from lethargy
Only heavy tears can teach how to feel

Take my hand, I’ll guide you through the sea
I’ll be your lighthouse, I’ll face your fear
Oh, how I wish to reach this eternal light
Dimmed by the world, hidden in your eyes

Still, I miss you, my eternal dream
I, little scorned rock under your bare feet
Trying to build a road to paradise
Heart able to forgive, even lethal lies

Through this grey horizon your eyes cannot see
More you hate, more you fear
You try to fly away but your wings are torn apart
And remind you there was a time when you could reach the stars
Now all that remains are scars
Track Name: Lullaby of the Damned
Track Name: Lethargy
Withered words fallen
Leaves of despair
Sweet autumn requiem
Composed of your lies

No one wants to see your face
Bathed in tears
So put your mask on, clown
Don’t open your eyes
Track Name: Autumn Requiem
I. Voices in my head

Living in a maze without exit
Where nightmare begins after you wake up
Falling into myself has become an addiction
To run away from those who persecute me

II. Requiem

Fearless child walking once on the surface of the sea
Was your wisdom untrue or has the lie lived through me?
Once burning – why do I feel your hands becoming stiff?
Without your laughter and honest heart it’s hard to live

Hopeless heart crucified once at the strange wooden cross
Sacrifice unseen, in which you never believed in
Did it hurt? You were just lying down with your arms spread wide
You didn’t scream only begged for vinegar to drink

He dies everyday from thirst
And waits to be reborn from love
But there is no rebel
To be with him in heaven

Why don’t I want to
Wake up from this
Fucking nightmare!

Live your nightmare
Dream your life
There’ll be neither one nor the other
When your cross the borderline

III. Borderline

- Why aren’t you sleeping?
- I need to find the answer
- There’s no straight answer really
- I wonder is it fate or God making a fool of myself
- Neither of them. Do you see the borderline? You've reached it by yourself
- My body's standing still but my spirit's so weak
- See the land of crawling darkness behind the line. Open your eyes and turn your spirit back from this suicidal voyage. You are strong.
- I can see there’s no answer really

IV. Suicide Note

(Fear of death
Fear of life
Of my mind
Of fear itself)

An empty room
Abandoned shell
All the books are closed
All the parchment’s pure

The stories unwritten
The greatest curse
Poet bleeds
But cannot sing

He lies dead
With her corpse
The ink blood
Flows on the pages

And a left note
A quill killed
Sharper than sword

V. Catharsis

The rain falling slowly
Became my waters of baptism

VI. Walking through the past

Angels played a rainy ballad on the glass
Their cold shine welcomed me back to life

But I’m still bleeding
Thunder’s fading away
But your memory still remains
A splinter in my heart

Angels coloured trees with a rain
Their majestic painting comforts me
Heavenly tears have saved my soul

God saved me
Walk through my past and see the ashes
See a new dawn growing
A rose among the thorns

But I’m still bleeding
Thunder’s fading away
Walk through my past
With your red eyes
Burning the horizon

Red eyes…

But I’m still bleeding
Thunder faded away

Will they bring my corpse to you?
With a couple of withered letters
Your hair will become grey one day
And heart so cold as mine